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17th-Mar-2009 06:44 pm - Join The Club!

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25th-Jan-2009 03:37 am - Deal of the Day: Six Feet Under
in search of truth, X-Files, X-Files fanfiction, wanting to believe
Six Feet Under - The Complete Series Gift Set for $59.99.

Makes me regret buying it for $115.99 a few years back.

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17th-Jan-2009 01:52 pm - Rachel's Pregnant!
rachel // ladies of sfu

Rachel Griffiths, who stars on ABC's Brothers & Sisters, is adding another baby to her brood: The mother of two is pregnant with her third child, her rep tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The Australian-born actress, 40, and her husband, Andrew Taylor, are also parents to daughter Adelaide Rose, 3, and 5-year-old son Banjo Patrick, who is named for Australian poet Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson.

Congrats to Rachel and Andrew!

18th-Oct-2008 03:20 pm(no subject)

33 Brothers&Sisters Icons form 3x01

more here @ blondeandpetite
5th-Aug-2008 03:09 am(no subject)
pen • hauntes.

Six Feet Under and Brothers & Sisters icons are here.
3rd-Aug-2008 11:25 pm - six feet under cast
rachel // ladies of sfu
151 Six Feet Under Cast Members
(including Rachel Griffiths, Peter Krause, Lauren Ambrose, Michael C. Hall, Frances Conroy, & Lili Taylor)

Find these icons and many more of SFU at my journal
& find a previous batch of Rachel & Lauren icons here
29th-Apr-2008 11:36 pm(no subject)
Nicole Kidman2
[58] 30 Rock (2x12 & 2x13) + animated
[12] Australia (movie)
[11] Rachel Griffiths
[09] Missy Higgins

Find them HERE.
7th-Apr-2008 11:15 am(no subject)
pen • hauntes.
Looking for Rachel HQs. Anyone sitting on some/interested in sharing? Thanks in advance.
18th-Feb-2008 11:48 pm - rachel forum
rachel // ladies of sfu
I just created a Rachel Forum to discuss all things Rachel. You know you want to join :D

22nd-Jan-2008 06:44 pm - Rachel in Muriel's Wedding
rachel // ladies of sfu
18 Rachel Griffiths in Muriel's Wedding

Find the rest of these icons and many more of Rachel at my journal
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